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Naomi Gilon Website
Naomi Gilon Website

Naomi Gilon, Website, 2019 (wip) / Show info

Naomi Gilon is a Belgian artist living in Brussels. For the redesign of her website, she wanted to focus on the content and make the site responsive with an horizontal navigation.

The new site is a onepage with a fullscreen simple design and a discreet horizontaly scrollable navigation menu. The project is currently under development.

Raw Data Book Letter A and B Raw Data Book Letter K and L Raw Data Book Letter S and R

Raw Data, Experiment, 2016 / Show info

Alphabet made from Audacity, a sound editing software with which various audio effects (reverb, delay, phaser, distortion, ...) are applied to images converted to raw data. Each letter visually represents the sound effect that is applied to it.

Selecta Website
Selecta Website
Selecta Website
Selecta Website

Selecta, Website, 2019 (wip) / Show info

Selecta is an art news website currently under development. The site has a main section, made in masonry with ajax content loading system. A second section, the exhibition submission form allows back-end side to generate a draft article with all data already inserted, ready to be published. A research system has also been realized based on the fields and tags of the articles.

Pearl Typeface Characters Gif

Pearl, Typeface, 2013

Catch Book Double Page Catch Book Double Page Catch Business Card Catch Communication material

CatCh!, Editorial, 2018 / Show info

Called "Catalysts for Charleroi", CatCh! abbreviated, is an accelerator of employment growth in Charleroi. During my graphic design internship with Harrisson, we realized the visual identity of CatCh. This included the production of a logo, project communication and promotion materials, business cards and a project presentation brochure, in which we had to process various data visualization as a variety of graphics.

Hakobio Website
Hakobio Chatbot
Hakobio Chatbot admin page

Hakobio, Chatbot, 2019 / Show info

Project developed during a hackathon organized by Microsoft. Our group consisted of two front-end and two back-end as well as a marketing student.

Our team worked according to the scrum methodology, performing sharing via github. The development was done in Vue CLI and the back-end part used a Microsoft artificial intelligence training tool.

The idea was to create a chatbot for a medical equipment sales company. They have developed a hardware development simulation site to have a better visualization of the configurations in the rooms and also being able to simulate a use of the equipment. The chatbot is here to answer the most asked questions and thus, reduce the costs of the company.

The robot has been designed to answer in a clear and natural way, thanks to the implementation of the Markdown for writing Q&A, it can deliver messages containing images, bold text, etc. For this, an administrator interface has been specially developed.

Lost Capital Logo

Lost Capital, Logotype, 2018

Virtual Gallery Side View Virtual Gallery Front View Virtual Gallery Side View Virtual Gallery Main hall Virtual Gallery Room view Virtual Gallery Room wall Virtual Gallery Plan

Virtual Gallery, 3D Modeling / Webdesign, 2018 (wip) / Show info

Graphic and architectural design of an exhibition space intended to host works on the internet.

The gallery is divided into 3 parts: a large main hall and two subsidiary rooms. The height / width ratio of the walls has been designed to meet the height / width ratio of a standard computer screen. The dimensions of the walls of the gallery make sure to respect an even / odd parity. Web integration is under development.

La Cambre Master Painting Exhibition Flyer

La Cambre Master Painting Exhibition, Identity, 2016

Magmara Typeface Specimen Words Magmara Typeface Letter n

Magmara, Typeface, 2016 / Show info

Magmara is a geometrical font designed with the objective of creating an extreme contrast and a strong impact due to the saturated thickness of the stems. The font is currently available in condensed and normal weight.

Warp Records Newsletter

Warp Records, Newsletter, 2018 (exercice) / Show info

Beginning training exercise consisting of the design and production of promotional newsletters.This one is the promotion of the new releases of records of the music label Warp. Tests on the different messaging systems have been carried out to ensure full compatibility.